Saturday, December 13, 2008

Carbon dioxide deficiency

Many special interests tell us that mankind is the primary cause of global warming. What role then does solar activity, the earth's molten core, ocean surface temperatures, or active volcanoes play in the earth's climate? To hear the special interests tell it, these natural processes have no effect or are of little consideration.

There is also an inordinate amount of time spent by these cap and trade special interests (many of whom sell "environmental credits") talking about carbon dioxide as a pollutant......maybe I'm old school, but my grade school science teachers taught us that grass, plants, trees, forests etc. require CO2 and in the chemical process convert it into oxygen......has that changed? Do plants, trees, and foliage no longer consume CO2 since the "new" science is being taught in schools?

Far from it, in reality the atmospheric concentration of CO2 on earth is 385 parts per million (ppm), but the ideal concentration for plant growth is in excess of 1200 parts per million (ppm).

So it would seem that CO2 emissions from coal plants or any other fossil fuel process is not the leading cause of global warming that the "new revisionist scientists" would have us believe. In fact it actually appears that plants, trees, and foliage on planet earth actually suffer from a deficiency of CO2.

According to Wikipedia the concentration of CO2 in the earth's atmosphere 500 million years ago was 20 times higher than it is today (385 ppm x 20 = 7700 ppm). No explanation whether it was due to dinosaurs use of coal fired factories, or non-ethanol petroleum fuel used in their combustion engine vehicles. Apparently though some dinosaur was smart enough to pass legislation 500 million years ago to limit the output of CO2 and save the world.

Perhaps activists should revise their current rhetoric before they completely embarrass themselves and finally destroy the "credibility" of the global warming alarmists (carbon credit sales industry) once and for all.

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Update: As Washington DC politicians get ready to pass "Cap & Trade" now renamed "Pollution Reduction and Investment", Stephen Moore of the Heritage Foundation suggests we refer to the proposed boondoggle by its proper title "the China and India Full Employment Act". Since the net result of this flawed legislation would be to eliminate energy production and manufacturing businesses & jobs here in the U.S. relocating them to countries like China & India which wisely have no intention of crippling their economies with similar foolhardy and unnecessary legislation.

Here's an inconvenient question for carbon credit sales charlatans global warming activists: CO2 level is same day & night, right? Why is our temperature cooler at night after sun goes down, warmer during day? Because global warming is caused by the sun.....not CO2.